An open letter from Archbishop Mark to all members of the Assembly of Orthodox Bishops in Germany, regarding issues arising from the situation in Ukraine

From the website of the German Diocese:

16 February 2020:

His Eminence the Most Reverend Archbishop Mark (Arndt), Vice Chairman of the Synod of the Russian Church Outside of Russia and head of the German Diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia, has written an “open letter” to his fellow brothers in the Assembly of Orthodox Bishops in Germany, in which he strongly reasons against a one-sided portrayal of the events unfolding in Ukraine. Archbishop Mark points to the unbearable burden that has been placed on the canonical Ukrainian Church under the leadership of Onufriy, the Metropolitan of Kiev. Further, it is evident from this letter that political pressure is being placed on other local Orthodox churches concerning this matter.

At the same time, the head of the oldest Orthodox diocese in Germany calls for an open dialogue among the members of the Assembly of Orthodox Bishops in Germany, which has – along with the entire Orthodox Church – been deeply affected by the abuse of power exercised by the Patriarch of Constantinople.  In particular, the situation in Germany has suffered greatly.  The Church should under no circumstances be drawn into politics of civil discord and exclusion; such a path cannot bring peace among men.  Archbishop Mark also references a positive experience whereby peaceful dialogue between his diocese and the Russian Orthodox Church actively contributed to overcoming a division that once existed between them – in other words, there is a constructive met hodology of open communication that stands opposed to the methods now being employed in Ukraine, which in his view are driven by powers alien to the Orthodox Church.

Read Archbishop Mark’s open letter here.