Clergy Conference of the Chicago and Mid-America Diocese Issues Resolution Supporting the Ukrainian Orthodox Church and the Orthodox Stand on Contemporary Moral Issues

From the web site of the Chicago and Mid-America Diocese:

At the meeting of the southern deanery of the Diocese of Chicago and Mid-America, the clergy under the omofor of Archbishop Peter gathered in lenten retreat. During their meetings, they produced a Resolution in which their unwavering support for the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church under His Beatitude Metropolitan Onuphry was reiterated. In the same text, the clergy also reiterated the need to stand fast for the moral positions of the Holy Orthodox Church in the face of societal activities.

The full text of the Resolution follows.

San Antonio Lenten Clergy Retreat 2023: Resolution

Having gathered in the divinely protected city of San Antonio, Texas at the parish of Sts. Joachim and Anna, we give thanks to God for the opportunity to join in prayer before the miraculous Kursk Root Icon of the Theotokos. With the blessing of Vladyka Peter, we take this time to pray for our flock and discuss the issues that impact our diocese and the Orthodox world.

As the war in Ukraine continues, our diocese remains vigilant in supporting His Beatitude Metropolitan Onuphry in his struggle for peace and the safety of the canonical Church. Metropolitan Onuphry has directed his flock to follow a simple daily prayer rule consisting of Psalms 45 and 90, 12 prostrations, and the Lord’s Prayer. Vladyka Peter asks that in support of the Ukrainian church, we consider adopting this prayer rule to show solidarity with those suffering in Ukraine. In addition to the prayers we offer for Metropolitan Onuphry and his flock, we continue to offer financial support. Vladyka Peter encourages that we all write to our government representatives, voicing our support for the canonical Church in Ukraine and our disagreement with the American government’s support for the schismatic church.

Furthermore, modern culture forces the acceptance of gender and sexuality contrary to nature. We believe that the Orthodox Church has a living tradition that positively impacts the lives of those suffering with gender dysphoria and disordered sexual passions. We emphasize that the Orthodox Church is a spiritual hospital open to all that are seeking healing and love that can only be found in Christ. Vladyka Peter encourages all parents to guide and protect their children so they are not deceived by the modern world but instead are brought up in the truth of Christ’s teachings. Vladyka stresses the critical role parents play in the development of young children. They are the first teachers and must set a positive example in their upbringing.

Additionally, the Diocesan Assembly has increased the financial and material support of Vladyka Peter. We appreciate and value the continued love and dedication he shows to his flock. This increase allows Vladyka further ability to tend the parishes in our diocese. The Diocesan Assembly also laid the foundation for a future vicar bishop to assist with diocesan responsibilities.

Finally, we as clergy discussed the importance of supporting chaplains in pursuit of upholding a moral presence within the military. We encourage any clergymen who are interested in this calling to speak with Fr. Christopher Allen, the Dean of Chaplaincy for our diocese. This opportunity is both a wonderful ministry to the faithful as well as a viable career for supporting a clergy family.